Keep Calm, It’s Almost Christmas — You Can Do This!

December 18, 2017

Keep Calm – It’s Less than Half a Week until Christmas, but You Can Do This!

We all imagine the Norman Rockwell Christmas with our closest friends and family, but preparing to play host right in the middle of your harried everyday life can definitely be stressful. Here are a handful – plus of ideas to help you get and keep your home clean, organized, and holiday-ready.

#1 Prioritize

Don’t plan on trying to do every holiday activity available. It just isn’t necessary and will wear you out, ruining your chances of relaxing and enjoying one of the rare times each year that you get to see many of your loved ones. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Make sure the shopping for gifts and the food gets done; get the house picked up and cleaned up; and do your decorating. Then you’ll be all set to visit with your company and perhaps be able to include some extra activities.

#2 Declutter

It really lightens the heart to decorate your home with lights, wreaths, and other things Christmas. Do yourself a favor, and as you bring everything out the basement, attic, garage – wherever you store it – throw away the broken and unused items. There is no need to keep these any longer, and it will help when it comes time to put it all back away, too.

#3 If You Just Can’t Do it Yourself, Call a Professional Organizer

They can help by going through your decorations and helping you reorganize – and store what you don’t need. Professional organizers can also help you plan your holiday decor.

#4 Enlist the Help of the Whole Family

We all want a nice Christmas, and we all should have a responsibility for making it happen. Assign age-appropriate duties to each family member. Then the burden is lightened and more likely to be completed.

Delegate tasks such as :

*Putting up the Christmas tree

*Putting on the lights
*Decorating the tree
*Decorating the house
*Shopping for food or supplies (gift wrap, bows, tape)
*Cleaning up the house (vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, etc.)
*Preparing food
*Putting up outdoor decorations
*Sweeping off the walkway and driveway before visitors arrive
*Supplying the traditional music

#5 Again, You may Want to Hire out – Professional Cleaners.

So that you don’t have to worry about making sure your home is presentable for your company in time, hire a cleaning service to sweep, mop and dust your home. And while you are decluttering the broken and unused holiday décor, declutter all over your home, too. Prepare for new gifts by throwing away or donating gently used but no longer wanted toys, games and clothes.

#6 Be Ready for the Ensuing Mess

Christmas always produces mountains of wrapping paper, tape and ribbons. Stay on top of the process. Set up a station for the Christmas wrappings, ribbon and tape, and have a large trash bag ready to collect the used wrapping paper after the festivities.

#7 Last but certainly NOT least, make time to relax with one another.

All this added rush is going to wear you and your family out. Be sure to make time to relax with just your immediate family. Cut out all the stimulating TV, etc and read together or go out for a fun outing. This will help when you feel so overwhelmed.