Kitchen Cramped 9 ways to open up your congested kitchen Dave Martin Realtor Northern Virginia Marketing Specialist

9 Ways to Open Up a Cramped Kitchen

Yeah – you want your new kitchen to have it all — plus plenty of storage space to hold it, but you must also consider what will be going on in there on a daily basis, or you will set yourself up for misery. Here are some things you must keep in mind.

  1. Refine your Design Instead of the old-school closed-off kitchen, why not an open concept plan with an island or peninsula. Family members and guests can gather 'round on the seating and/or move freely about the open kitchen.

  2. Make sure there's enough Room for the Cook(s) and for the Visitors Passageways for those passing through need to be at least 3 feet wide. Work stations in front of appliances, sinks, and food preparation areas need to be at least 42 inches wide – up to 48 inches if there will be numerous cooks. If you frequently have over a hugeKitchen Island with seating Open up your clogged kitchen Northern Virginia Realtor Dave Martin #LoveVA Market Expert Home Sold Fast family or bunches of guests, you might even want to consider 54 inches.

  3. Think about Seating Do you want seating at the island or peninsula? Plan carefully where your stools will be. They should probably face the cook, and space taken up when they are being used must be considered. They mustn't be in the way of the cook(s) or others moving about the kitchen. The same 3-foot passageway rule from above should apply.

  4. Be sure to think about the necessary clearance for appliances and cabinetry It's smart to organize your appliances into productive work areas, but be careful how you place things. The main appliances should not be facing one another, as this will interfere with your walkways. Don't place appliances in corners, either. It limits your access to them and also potentially to your cabinets. And speaking of cabinets, make sure they do not interfere with one another.

  5. Do not congest the entrance(s) to your kitchen People should be able to come and go regardless of whether appliances, drawers, or cabinets are open.

  6. Ensure that your refrigerator has enough space Refrigerator doors can be as much as 3 feet wide, so you must be mindful of the space it takes to have yours open.

    counter space around kitchen sink open up a cramped kitchen design Dave Martin Realtor Marketing specialist Northern Virginia #LoveVA

  7. Your sink will also need some space Be sure there is plenty of counter top space to either side of your sink. The sink should not be between two other appliances, but having it adjacent to the dishwasher can be quite helpful during kitchen clean up. A corner sink is a terrible idea. They almost always cause traffic jams.

  8. If your space is small, just accept it and do your best work with it. Don't try to cram. Sure, kitchen islands and peninsulas are awesome, but if you just don't have the room at the expense of walkways and workstations, don't do it.You will regret the frustration. Maybe just use a portable island that can be put away when not in use. The same goes for counter top space and cabinetry. If you just don't have the room for it, you will be better off not to shove too much in.Kitchen Redesign remodel 9 ways to unclog your cramped kitchen Dave Martin Northern Virginia real estate expert

  9. Get the help of professionals The advice of a dependable kitchen planner is practically priceless. Even if you are being extra frugal and planning this kitchen update as a DIY, you will probably want to consult with someone who will give you a few hours of their time for a preset flat fee. If you do not do this, you may regret it horribly if you wind up with a jammed up kitchen all over again, having wasted your time and money and multiplying your frustration.


9 Ways to Wipe Out a Clogged up Kitchen

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