Protect your Halloween Decorations

No Halloween decorations are complete without a carved pumpkin — Jack-o-Lantern.  Nothing is worse than having your creation destroyed by squirrels. Here are some handy tips you can use to prevent your Halloween Pumpkins from becoming a meal for neighborhood squirrels and rodents.

Tip #1 Hot Sauce

Coat your pumpkin with homemade or store – bought hot sauce. You can rub or dab the hot sauce on the pumpkins. If you use this method its a very good idea to wear rubber gloves during application. If the hot sauce is completely liquid you can also put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the Jack-o-Lantern. Reapply the hot sauce every few days to keep pests away from your masterpiece.

Tip #2 Distilled Vinegar

Use white distilled vinegar by rubbing it on the pumpkin or by spraying it with a spray bottle. Repeat every few days to keep your pumpkins from becoming a snack. You may also place a few saucers of vinegar around the Jack-o-Lantern to further deter pests.

Tip #3 Dog Hair

Place dog hair around or under the pumpkin or place the pumpkin on a towel, rug etc that is covered with dog hair. Rodents, pests and deer will avoid areas that smell of dogs.

Tip #4 Owl Statue

Another useful tactic is to place a statue of an Owl in the yard in a clearly visible position near the carved pumpkins. Owls are the natural predators of many rodents and pests, and the sight of an owl in the yard will often drive them away.  There are owl statues that rotate with the wind, or their heads will move from side to side. These tend to be more effective than non-moving owl statues.

Tip #5 Eucalyptus or Peppermint Oil

Spray or wipe either of these essential oils on the pumpkin. Squirrels and other pests have a much more sensitive sense of smell than humans do and will stay away from both of these strong smells. You will need to reapply the oil every few days. Peppermint oil will also deter ants as well as other pests.

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